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Driving to Saskatchewan. (2010)

We meet Stephen Pike of Red Bay, Labrador, on the Marine Atlantic Ferry between Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia, who is driving to Saskatchewan for a job and talk about commuting to work in various places across Canada.




From Conception Harbour to Philadelphia (2010)

Cass Trahey was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA by parents from Conception Harbour, Newfoundland who immigrated to the USA to be iron workers during the sky scraper building boom in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York at the beginning of the last century. She only returned to Newfoundland in retirement to explore her family history and as many describe, “a sense of where you came from.”
Also see Cass’s photo album!




Fort Mac Turnaround (2010)

David Pretty, of Lawn, Newfoundland has only known travelling to work in Canada ever since he graduated high school a year after the cod moratorium shut down the fishery.



Migration, home and nostalgia (2010)

Dr Jim Overton, of Memorial University, talks about migration, nostalgia, the concept of home, the “idea” of Newfoundland in those who have left. “The place you left is not going to be the place you return to”, says Overton.



The Pull Home (2010)

Anne Locke moved to Toronto in the 1960s and then decided to move back to Newfoundland in the 1970s. She talks about the decision to leave and return.



…Look for a feature length documentary film in 2022

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