A collection of photos from travelling across Canada

I’ve crossed Canada and back twice now by car. At first you say you are going to stop and see all the stuff you’ve always wanted to, but you don’t. If you are driving to a job in Ontario, Alberta or BC its a long way and there is seldom much time. There is a job waiting. So you just drive. Usually just seeing the TCH and the truck stops and fast food places. If you are travelling alone its a lonely trip. Just you and your thoughts and the great vastness of the northern Canadian highways. Especially now that the highways bypass the interesting parts …  the people, villages and cities, in the quest for time and speed.

But you should stop. There are things to see along the way. People to meet. Beautiful scenery, sunsets (and sunrises) roadside attractions, poignant scenes and evidence of those who travelled this path before you. …greg locke


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